Flea Control

Flea Control

Do you constantly battle fleas on your pet?

There may be a good reason for this. Many of the typical sprays and powders people use on their pets are not that effective. They tend to work for awhile, then wear off, or get washed off, or just stop working. Also, many people don\’t realize that effective flea control requires that you kill the fleas in your home as well as the fleas on your pet.

What\’s The Most Effective Way To Control Fleas?

Many of the topical flea treatments they make today, such as Advantage, Frontline and Program, are very effective. They\’re also quite easy to apply, and don\’t involve all the muss and fuss associated with most sprays and powders. They\’re generally applied between the pet\’s coat once a month. They spread over the animal\’s whole body, and provide long-lasting protection.

Treat Your Home As Well As Your Pet

In addition to treating your pet, you also need to insure that your home, and any areas that the pet frequents, are free from fleas. The flea life cycle consists of four distinct stages, and during some of these stages the fleas are resistant to typical flea control products. There are specific products and methods you will need to use in your home, yard, and any other areas your pet comes in contact with. Our page on home flea control provides a comprehensive guide to effectively eliminating fleas once they\’ve infested your home.

Using Natural Flea Control Methods

Instead of using chemical flea treatments on your pet and in your home, you may prefer to try some natural flea control methods. These involve home remedies, such as diatomaceous earth and essential oils, which will kill or deter fleas without chemicals. The first step to effetively controlling fleas without toxic chemicals is to ensure that they\’re eating a nutritious diet which will promote their overall health.
Feeding your pet garlic and brewers yeast can help repel fleas. Good grooming is another good way to both be aware of fleas on your pet, and eliminate those that exist. See our natural flea control page for more information.
Regardless of your flea control needs, the information in this site should help you make an informed decision regarding the best products or methods for your particular problems. Throughout the site we also link to external websites which provide more in depth information about fleas and flea control.
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