Flea Killer

Flea Killer

If you already read this website you probably know how to kill fleas. Flea killer is a mixture of treatments that once they are joined together they become a flea killer.
You’ve got to understand that once you have seen one tiny flea, you are already into this flea problem and there’s no escape now. You have to begin your strategic fight against those fleas in order to eliminate them. If you’ll ignore this tiny one, It becomes monster and it’ll multiply itself to a few thousands in a very short period of time.

Here Are The Main Steps For A Strategic Flea Killer

Remember that flea doesn’t exist only on your dog – It is everywhere around its habitat: The dogs place, inside the house, the carpets, furniture, blankets, rugs etc.
Fleas are mainly outside, at the yard, in the grass.
In order to reproduce, the female flea has to suck blood and that’s where the bites come from.
Fleas come to visit us mostly at summer time, they like dry and warm climate.
The ultimate flea killer will contain these few guidelines:

Environmental Flea Killer

Clean your house: Vacuum it daily and clean the floor as well.
Clean the yard: Cut the grass, collect leaves, and sink the areas your pet is staying
Don’t keep the vacuum cleaner bag – throw it away.
Put some traps around the house – Use as a flea killer and as a “flea-meter” that can determine whether you have done a good job and you can be a flea killer yourself.
Use steam – It is a great flea killer that will eliminate all flea stages: from eggs till adults.

Your Pet Flea Killer

Brush and comb your dog daily.
Clean your dogs kennel, clean its carpet, rugs etc.
Flea killer products – Advice your vet. for the finest Spray, drops or collar which is suitable to your dog (His age, his size…)
Remember that your pets’ health is very important: Fleas doesn’t like healthy and clean dogs. Let him eat a good and healthy food.

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