Flea traps

Flea traps

In order to get rid of fleas, please notice that flea traps are best used with all other actions that were mentioned before – It is never enough using only flea traps.

Flea traps – Do it yourself!

As you probably know by now, fleas don’t know how to swim and they like dim light at night!
This trap works better at night time: Take a kind of bowl (Not a very deep one) and put some water and dish soap in it. Put the bowl under a night light and that’s it! You’ll see many fleas drown at the next morning.
Do you want some more DIY flea traps? Here is another one:
These flea traps are almost the same: Put some water in a bowl or a pan with dish soap as well and put a candle at the middle (A floating one of course) – This flea trap will work the same as the one above.
If you keep asking yourself why do we need soap for, well, this is the only way that prevent fleas from walking or jumping on the water – It is a crucial ingredient for those flea traps.
One simple flea trap that surprised me is a candle – Light a candle, a wide one and leave it through the night (Put it in a place which you can leave it through the night): The fleas will jump on it and get glued.
Try this flea trap as well: While watching TV (In a dark room), Put a long bowl with water right beneath the screen and in front of it – You’ll see the amount of fleas trying to see the same TV show after a few hours and you’re going to be surprised.
Try to put few traps all around each night until you see there are no fleas at the mornings. This way you’ll know that those flea traps worked well and so does the whole flea treatment.

Other Flea Traps

There are many flea traps you’ll find at a pet shop, DIY centers and other shops.
These overnight traps mostly contain 2 main parts: light and glue. It works almost the same way as the DIY flea traps works and you can change the glue surface very easily.

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