How to get rid of fleas on Dogs

How to get rid of fleas on Dogs

Fleas are enemy number one to your dogs, so it is important to deal with them ruthlessly so that you can rid your dogs of these pesky parasites. Fleas 4- life cycle make it harder to crush them and also, the fact that fleas don\’t spend most of their time on the pet makes the problem of locating them and wiping them out even harder. The most important thing is not only to clean your pets, but also your house and also outdoors.

How Do You Know That Your Dog Has Fleas?

Flea bites usually cause your dog to scratch at affected areas. This may cause an allergic reaction to those dogs which are sensitive.
Fleas will often leave small poos in the areas where they inhabit as show from the photo above.

How Do You Get Rid Of The Fleas?

Pet treatments are available for treating fleas but you must start with your yard, the house and then the pet. The yard is the toughest one, but if you don’t treat it then your pet will not be free from fleas. Next is to make your house clean. How do you do that? By vacuuming your house you are taking the first step in getting rid of fleas as most fleas are found in your house. Clean your pets by removing any fleas using a fine-toothed pet comb designed for flea removal, and drop the fleas into soapy water. The best treatments are top-spots treatments which are much safer for both pets and humans. These treatments are applied to the skin, especially between the shoulder blades. They may be expensive initially but once you have broken the flea cycle in your home you will be able to use them less often. After that you can wash pet bedding in hot, soapy water weekly; this is the most likely site for flea eggs and larvae,
Fleas feed on your pet\’s blood and make your pet uncomfortable. Heavy infestation can cause it to become anaemic and unwell. After noticing that your dog has fleas it is important to take him to your veterinarian. They can use a flea comb on your dog to determine the extent of the infestation, when dried blood or flea dirt is noticed then your veterinarian will recommend treatment. The best method that is recommended is preventive treatment which is much better than cure.
There are many products available which your veterinarian will recommend. One of the most popular treatments for fleas is Frontline Plus by Merial. This product is topically applied to the skin of your dog on the back of the neck. It is a very effective product and will kill most of the adult fleas within a day; it will also kill eggs and larvae to prevent fleas from recurring. Frontline Plus is waterproof for up to 30 days and is safe to use on puppies.
Remember that it is much easier to prevent fleas than to treat them once your dog has them. You simply cannot allow a single flea to survive in your house or your pet\’s, if you want to live a life free of allergies and disease.

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